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Capitalmind PMS offers rigorous data-driven investment strategies geared to build long term wealth. Experience transparent, low-cost portfolio management tailored to free up your time for life's important moments.

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With a proven track record, we're the chosen stewards for hundreds of individuals, families and businesses, dedicated to realizing their financial vision.

Assets Under Management
₹ 2058 Cr
Assets Under Management
Median Client AUM
₹ 108 L
Median Client AUM

First-principles Investment thinking

We blend data-driven strategies and quantitative techniques with qualitative research to manage risk and reward for long-term growth. Our tailored portfolio strategies help you diversify while controlling downside risks effectively.

Capitalmind Surge India
Capitalize on the pulse of progress with Capitalmind Surge India. This strategy homes in on companies at the forefront of India's burgeoning growth, offering you a share in the country's vibrant economic expansion.
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Capitalmind Adaptive Momentum
India's longest-running quantitative momentum strategy. With over five years of demonstrable success, this strategy is engineered to identify and capitalize on stocks showing strength and letting the winners bloom while effectively managing risk.
More about Adaptive Momentum
Capitalmind Resilient
Embrace stability with Capitalmind Resilient. Our quantitative approach selects robust, high-quality companies poised to thrive, minimizing volatility and maximizing your investment confidence.
More about Resilient
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Capitalmind leadership

The leadership, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, has a common thread of integrity and commitment to creating a lasting financial success for you built on trust and transparency.

Meet the Capitalmind team
Deepak Shenoy
Deepak Shenoy
Vashistha Iyer
Vashistha Iyer
Anoop Vijaykumar
Anoop Vijaykumar
Shray Chandra
Shray Chandra

Meet our founder, Deepak Shenoy

In markets, money is made by having a position, not by standing outside the airplane wondering if it’s a good time to get in. We focus on the simple adage that markets are near impossible to forecast. Finding and sticking to the process that works for you is more than half the battle when it comes to investing successfully.

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Money Wise: Timeless Lessons on Building Wealth

Wealth is not just about adding zeroes to your net worth but having enough to live an unconstrained life. Money Wise shows you the way. It cuts through the clutter of jargon and technical terms, leading you step by step on how to grow wealthy.

Money Wise: Timeless Lessons on Building Wealth
Deepak has a knack of decoding complex variables through simple-to-understand concepts. He also has the uncanny ability to pull out interesting sets of data to back his arguments.
Srinivas Jain, Executive Director, SBI Funds Management
No one explains the world of investing as well as Deepak Shenoy. He is the man I trust for my investments. You should too.
Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, PayTM
Capitalmind is the first thing I open when there’s some complex news. Deepak is brilliant at simplifying things for us non-finance PhDs. This book does the same for investors in a really simple way.
Nithin Kamath, Co-founder and CEO, Zerodha

The Capitalmind Podcast

The Capitalmind Podcast applies first-principles thinking to unravel the layers of multifaceted topics. Co-hosted by Shray and Deepak, the show dissects important issues across business, economics and finance. They bring their expertise to illuminate the core factors, second-order effects and long-term impacts driving events.

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