Surge India

Capitalize on the pulse of progress by investing in the megatrends driving India's growth with Capitalmind Surge India. This strategy homes in on companies at the forefront of India's burgeoning growth, offering you a share in the country's vibrant economic expansion.

Strategy Overview

A fundamental portfolio of 30+ stocks invested across market caps, focused on companies building for the Indian economy, with paradigm shifts providing the runway to massive growth

Key Features

Investing in महा trends

Investing in महा trends

महा (Devanagari for Mega) refer to the trends driving India's growth. From financialization, logistics transformation to Import Substitution and broader shifts in domestic consumption, the multi-decadal changes likely to transform India.

Decadal Growth Potential

Decadal Growth Potential

We look for companies with large addressable markets, strong track records of execution and at an inflection point of potential growth. That growth potential needs to be matched with execution.

Strong Risk Management

Strong Risk Management

We look for managements that walk the talk when it comes to doing what they say. We also prefer managements who act as fiduciaries for their shareholders.

Special Situations

Special Situations

Up to 20% of the portfolio is allocated to opportunities arising out of corporate actions including mergers or demergers, spin-offs of individual business units and other actions that potentially unlock shareholder value.

India - Robust growth in an uncertain world

India remains standout overweight. We increase our overweight stance on Indian equities and as our most-preferred emerging market. We expect outperformance to continue, with India starting to show a material breakout in relative EPS versus EM and having relatively low correlation/revenue from both the US and China.
Morgan Stanley
The country's vast market, coupled with its entrepreneurial spirit and growing middle class, provides a solid foundation for sustained economic growth. Investors are keeping a keen eye on India's progress, expecting lucrative opportunities to arise in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, and services.
Ed Yardeni (Yardeni Research)
India's stable macro-economic conditions, backed by rapid urbanisation, growing middle-class and youth population, rising income levels, digitalisation, a start-up ecosystem, and high-tech exports, are positioning it as an ideal investment destination for the next decade
HSBC Wealth Report
India, the world's fifth largest economy in the world, is likely to overtake Japan to become the world's third-largest economy with a GDP of $7.3 trillion by 2030
S&P Global Market Intelligence

The Surge India Investment Focus

Domestic Consumption

Domestic Consumption

We invest in visionary companies poised to capitalize on India’s burgeoning consumer market. Experience growth in a sector that reflects the vibrant, evolving demands of one of the world’s largest economies as per-capita income growth provides larger disposable incomes.

Energy Independence

Energy Independence

Energize a sustainable future. Our commitment to Energy Independence supports cutting-edge companies leading India towards a self-sufficient energy future. Join us in championing the use of alternate energy sources and curbing the need for fossil fuel imports.

Import Substitution

Import Substitution

Foster self-reliance with Surge India. Our focus on Import Substitution backs businesses that are turning India into a manufacturing powerhouse. By supporting local production, we're helping reduce dependency on imports and boosting India's economic resilience.

Logistics and Infrastructure

Logistics and Infrastructure

Revolutionise India's backbone. We invest into companies at the forefront of transforming Logistics and Infrastructure, in innovative solutions that streamline supply chains and build robust infrastructure. Join us in shaping a more connected and efficient India.



Empower economic progress. We participate in the transformation of India's financial landscape. We're committed to fostering financial inclusion and innovation, driving growth through smarter, more accessible financial solutions.

Capitalmind Surge India Performance

SI = Since Inception: 2017-11-03

Returns are net of fees and transaction costs. Returns for periods >1Y are annualized.

Performance data is not verified by SEBI.

Last updated: 2024-06-19


Find the detailed presentation for more on the Capitalmind Surge India Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the universe of stocks in which Surge India invests?

The universe is the top 500 stocks by market capitalisation.

What is the typical portfolio turnover in Surge India?

Turnover varies depending on market conditions and historically, has ranged between 20 and 40%.

What market cap stocks does Surge India hold?

Surge India is a flexicap portfolio that holds a mix of large, mid and small cap stocks. Typical large cap allocation is around 35 to 40% of the portfolio but can increase based on market conditions.

Are there sectors or types of companies Surge India avoids?

We avoid cyclicals, companies that see their earnings fluctuate based on commodity cycles. Also companies that are quality but are seeing growth only in line with GDP growth.

How do you manage risk?

We think of risk as the probability for permanent loss of capital. This means avoiding companies seeing significant risk from high debt, those that take shareholder unfriendly actions. We also consider price trends which often play an important role in signalling deterioration in fundamentals.

What is the fee structure for Surge India?

Capitalmind PMS charges a fixed 1% of AUM as fee for Surge India. We do not charge a percentage of returns made. In addition, there is zero entry or exit load.

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