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Macronomics: Are Interest Rates Really Falling? Why?

The rapid changes in the last few weeks have been in the area of interest rates, which have fallen dramatically in the last two weeks. The budget's added to ...

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Why Buybacks Are Still Going To Be Attractive

Budget 2019 introduced a change in the rules for buybacks. Any buyback of shares of a company gets taxed at 20% if it’s done after the budget date, i.e. ...

Budget 2019: Taxing Us Even More, While Pushing Electric Vehicles and Cheap Homes

Budget 2019 is here, and let’s get right down to it. You’re going to be taxed more. If you’re like really rich, you’re going to pay 39% ...

#Linkfest- ZEEL Rescues Its Promoter, Suzlon May Default on FCCBs, Pension Funds Do a #MeToo, Godrej Family-Fued, Vanilla Sky(rockets), and more.

At Capitalmind Premium, we have a very active Slack channel where we discuss a lot of interesting topics. In there,  a number of interesting links come our ...
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Concepts: Developing a Quantitative Trading Strategy – The Foundation (Part 2)

An Idea can change your life. This was the tag-line for cellular mobile operator Idea before it merged with Vodafone to become Vodafone Idea. Ideas are a dime ...

Budget Wish: My Empowered Retirement Account (MERA)

It’s time for Indian investors to get a real retirement account for really long term investments. This is an account in which you can save money, sell ...