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Capitalmind is India's leading Portfolio Management Service with a proven track record of delivering sustained investment returns to over 1,000 clients all over India. Capitalmind PMS offers rigorous data-driven investment strategies geared to build long term wealth. With Adaptive Momentum, Resilient and Surge India, you can get your ideal portfolio mix best-suited to achieve your long-term goals.

Cutting edge Portfolio Management built on innovative first-principles thinking

Our blend of Data and Insights seeks to manage risk and reward effectively for long-term growth. Our portfolio strategies help you build wealth while controlling downside risks effectively.

Capitalmind Adaptive Momentum
India's longest-running quantitative momentum strategy. With over five years of demonstrable success, this strategy is engineered to identify and capitalize on stocks showing strength and letting the winners bloom while effectively managing risk.
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Capitalmind Resilient
Embrace stability with Capitalmind Resilient. Our quantitative approach selects robust, high-quality companies poised to thrive, minimizing volatility and maximizing your investment confidence.
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Capitalmind Surge India
Capitalize on the pulse of progress with Capitalmind Surge India. This strategy homes in on companies at the forefront of India's burgeoning growth, offering you a share in the country's vibrant economic expansion.
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Transform your wealth with trusted expertise

With a proven track record of sustained returns over market cycles, Capitalmind PMS are the chosen stewards for over a thousand individuals, families and businesses, dedicated to realizing their financial vision.

Assets Under Management
₹ 1824 Cr
Assets Under Management
Median Client AUM
₹ 102 L
Median Client AUM

Our investment philosophy

Rooted in the belief that markets are dynamic, we bring an unwavering commitment to humility and lifelong learning. We rely on informed agility, not to forecast the unpredictable, but to craft investment approaches that are as responsive as they are resilient.

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Meet the people who manage our portfolios

Our team brings together rich expertise from diverse fields, driven by a shared passion for forging enduring financial success for our clients through unwavering integrity and a commitment to transparency.

Deepak Shenoy
Deepak Shenoy
Deepak is the Founder and CEO of Capitalmind, where he brings over two decades of rich experience in the investment and stock market arena. He is a respected voice in the industry, frequently sharing his insights on CNBC-TV18, ET Now, and contributing written analysis in Mint. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Money Wise,” a must-read for both new and seasoned investors. As a member of SEBI working group and the Director to Association of Portfolio Managers, Deepak is deeply involved in reviewing and reforming the rules governing portfolio management in India.
Anoop Vijaykumar
Anoop Vijaykumar
Anoop is the Head of Investment Research and manages quantitative strategies at Capitalmind. He brings over two decades of professional experience, as a strategy and management consultant to Indian and multinational firms across sectors addressing challenges of growth and operational improvement. He holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business and Bachelor of Engineering degree from Mumbai University.

The Capitalmind PMS approach

Disciplined, data-driven approach to investing that adapts to changing market conditions. Built to go the distance with you.

Comprehensive portfolio strategies

Comprehensive portfolio strategies

Tailored, responsive strategies to navigate the market's ebbs and flows.

Best-in-class Reporting

Best-in-class Reporting

Gain clear insights with detailed reports on your investments’ health.

Competitive No-Surprise fee

Competitive No-Surprise fee

A competitive fee structure that ensures most of your profits stay where they belong, with you.

Dynamic allocation

Dynamic allocation

Our team helps you craft a diversified portfolio with our strategic mix, dynamically deployed for risk management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment required in Capitalmind Portfolio Management Services?

₹ 50 Lakh (₹5,000,000) as per the SEBI-mandated minimum for PMS Investments. Beyond that, you can add any amount. Many of our clients have set up on-going SIPs to add to their accounts regularly.

How do I decide which Capitalmind Strategy is right for me?

Our team does an indepth assessment of your financial specifics including goals, time horizon, risk-profile before recommending an allocation to Capitalmind strategies tailored to you. This allocation is reviewed periodically to suggest changes as and when called for.

Do I need to invest ₹50 Lakh per strategy?

No. You can allocate your capital across different Capitalmind strategies. Our team does an indepth assessment to recommend the right mix for you. This mix is periodically reviewed and modified if required.

Do you also take calls to stay in cash? When and Why?

We do not take subjective calls to go to cash in anticipation of market corrections because they are hard to predict. Our quantitative portfolios have inbuilt rules that go to cash partially or fully in times of broad market declines. The cash gets redeployed when the allocation rules are met.

Can NRIs invest with Capitalmind PMS?

Not currently. Since there are constraints on ownership of specific stocks for NRIs and the separate documentation required, we do not service NRIs in the PMS. Capitalmind Select One, our Category 3 AIF addresses these limitations. Select One will be open to interested clients in June 2024.

How do Capitalmind PMS (Portfolio Management Services) operations work?

An individual demat account is created in your name with ICICI Bank, our custodian, where all your holdings are maintained. You have access to your demat holdings at any time. Our banking partner is ICICI Bank and our trading partner is Zerodha. We don’t need to open a separate bank or trading account for you.

Best-in-Class Clear, Transparent Reporting

With our state-of-the-art client dashboard and the Capitalmind (iOS and Android) App, get a holistic view of your portfolio's performance and dive into granular data with ease. The Progress dashboard simplifies your financial tracking with integrated tax reporting and a clear breakdown of fees. Experience the confidence that comes with complete control and understanding of your investments — all within a few clicks.

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We are happy to discuss your investment needs and propose a plan tailored to your needs.