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The Curious Case of Assets That Live Too Long

This post explores the tricky world of accounting, and highlights how some businesses manipulate the “useful life” of their assets to inflate profits in ...

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[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man

Nifty 50 had a flat-ish week as it lost 1% to close at 18203. With the recent announcement on withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, there maybe some volatility in the ...
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The Curious Case of Assets That Live Too Long

This post explores the tricky world of accounting, and highlights how some businesses manipulate the “useful life” of their assets to inflate profits in ...
CM Strategy

The Ebb and Flow of Momentum and Low Vol - May '23 Update

The 2nd 2023 quarterly rebalance of the CM Low Vol portfolio went out to Capitalmind Premium and CM Low Vol smallcase subscribers yesterday. This post covers a ...

[Newsletter] Sell in May & Go Away, 5 Good Reads and a Quiz!

It was was rather flat week except for Silver which fell ~4%. Crude has cooled off nicely since its spike from Russia-Ukraine war and the impact is also ...
Deepak's Memos

Wealth Letter May 2023: Much more to go, much more to do

  April showed us early signs of happiness in stocks, with markets cheering  the RBI not increasing interest rates and in general better earnings. Surge ...

[Newsletter]: GST collection breaks record, Market Overview & More

USDINR and Nifty 50 are both going strong but today, they are where they were last week. Gold is super strong and it inched up another 2%. Crude is weak this ...
Charts & Analysis

Quick Look: Markets in April 2023

Markets in April 2023 April was a good month for stocks across the board. Nifty was up 4% and as a result is almost even for YTD 2023 Midcaps and ...

[Podcast] Here’s why taxes impact your investing decisions

 "Taxation is the price we pay for civilisation," as the saying goes. But what happens when the price tag keeps going up? You ...
CM Strategy

The Yield Frontier: Profiting from G-Sec & Sensex Yield Dynamics

Who doesn't want to time the market? Everyone looks out for the perfect time to shift from debt to equities and vice versa. In this post, we delve into the ...

[Newsletter] Gujarat PSU stocks zoom, Market Overview and Things we are reading!

Nifty 50 gained 3% this week and is now only ~4% away from its all time high. Good times indeed for stocks. Although, Gold and Silver didn't do much this week ...