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Capitalmind is a Bangalore based investment research and wealth management startup.

Capitalmind Premium provides original research, opinions and strategies to understand, trade and invest in the Indian financial markets. Our tool SNAP provides analytics and charting solutions while our Slack community is a terrific resource for learning, engaging with people who have similar interests and idea generation.

Capitalmind Wealth is a fintech enabled, SEBI registered portfolio management service.  We use online goal based financial planning to tailor each users investments to match their needs. Our algorithms help us switch between debt and equity based on market conditions and the users preferences. Investment choices include a Long Term Portfolio, Momentum and the Market Portfolio.

The Team:

Deepak Shenoy

Deepak is CEO and Founder at Capitalmind. He has over 20 years of experience in investing and the stock market. He is frequently featured on CNBC-TV18 and ET Now and writes in Mint. Deepak is a SEBI registered Research Analyst, with a degree from NIT Surathkal. Twitter: @deepakshenoy.

Venkatesh S.K.

Venki is the Chief Technical Officer at Capitalmind. He brings 20+ years of technology experience from Yahoo, Goldman Sachs and Cisco. He graduated from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

Vashistha Iyer

Vashistha is Chief Operating Officer at Capitalmind. He co-founded Political Consulting startup Policiti and has served as Chief of Staff to Member of Parliament PD Rai as a LAMP fellow. He graduated from NIFT Gandhinagar. Twitter: @uptickr

Shray Chandra

Shray is a Director at Capitalmind. He has worked in Risk Management at JPMorgan Chase in New York. He has completed his B.S in Computer Science-Mathematics, Economics from Yale University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Dev Mallya

Dev Mallya manages Tech at Capitalmind, and is also an avid investor. He graduated from NIT Surathkal. Twitter: @devmallya

Mithun M

Mithun works all things Admin and Daily Operations at Capitalmind

Naganandan RM

Nandan is Finance Director and Compliance Officer. He handles finance, accounts SEBI stuff.

Akanksha Maulik

Akanksha is a Director of Capitalmind Wealth our Portfolio Management Service which you can read up on at

Anoop Vijaykumar

Anoop manages Capitalmind Premium and runs the Momentum Portfolio in the PMS (Capitalmind Wealth). He was a Management Consultant with Kearney, and has held leadership roles at Honeywell and Microsoft. He has an MBA from the Indian School of Business and a Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University. 

Krishna Appala

Krishna is a Senior Analyst – working on portfolios and content.

Varun Mishra

Varun is Director Operations and handles running of the PMS.

Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka manages onboarding for PMS clients.

Subramany Balu

Subramany is an Office Admin and Runner. If you live in Bangalore and are investing with Capitalmind Wealth – odds are that you’ll meet him sometime for paperwork.

We’re here!

Capitalmind Team

We have a lovely office!

Capitalmind Office


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