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Fundas : Understanding Economic and Market Value Added (EVA & MVA)

While looking at earnings growth, one refers to growth in bottomline or net profits. These are also known as accounting profits. While there is no doubt that ...

Odisha Cement Says a Broker Stole 344 cr. Mutual Fund Units. Or Is There More To This Story?

Strange things happen in strange times. Odisha Cement Limited, a large (24,000 cr. market cap) listed entity, recently revealed that: “…certain ...

The Magic Formula Reviewed and Stock List for 2019

We had written a post at the beginning of last year on the Magic Formula and had created two portfolios with companies having market capitlization of greater ...

The Uno Minda and Harita Merger – Is There An Arbitrage Opp?

Harita Seating has recently announced its merger with Minda Industries. The merger comes at a low point for Harita seating in terms of slowing fundamentals. ...

Outlier In Focus: A Quick View of Varun Beverages Limited

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. See a video of how Outliers ...

Q3FY19 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Multicap Portfolio

The season of Q3 results has almost come to an end and results are slowly trickling out. Here is a quick compilation of results of stocks that form part of our ...

When the Buyback is the Only Buyer in Town, OCCL Edition

Oriental Carbon and Chemicals recently announced a buyback – a very tiny one, at Rs. 35 crore, at a maximum of Rs. 1150 per share. The buyback was  ...

Jubilant Backtracks From Paying Promoters For Brand They Don’t Really Use

Jubilant Foodworks and Jubilant Life Sciences are companies owned by the Bhartias, who’ve run them well so far. Yesterday they did something strange – ...

Q3FY19 Earnings Report : Results in Long Term Multicap Portfolio

Parag Milk foods announced its Q3FY19 results on last Saturday, 2nd Feb and had a conference call on 4th Feb. Below is the snapshot of the results and ...

Linde India Delisting – Value Premium or Greed

Linde India is part of the global Linde Group and is owned by BOC UK.  Linde India is a major player in India for industrial gases with more than 20 ...