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[Newsletter] FPIs buy in May, Market Overview and 5 Good Reads

Nifty 50 continues its march ahead towards its ATH mark with yet another weekly positive close. Gold and Silver also ended strong while crude corrected by ...

Podcast: How arbitrage funds might have systemic risk on a tax-rule change

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck", goes the saying. Arbitrage mutual funds are actually taxed ...

[Newsletter] Market Overview, Nikkei breaks out & 5 Good Reads

Nifty 50 is up 14% over the year and like most of the rallies, this is a rally of disbelief as well. Crude is now around $76 a barrel which is a cool 35% lower ...

[Newsletter] Market Overview, Capitalmind Portfolios & The Striding Man

Nifty 50 had a flat-ish week as it lost 1% to close at 18203. With the recent announcement on withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, there maybe some volatility in the ...

[Newsletter] Sell in May & Go Away, 5 Good Reads and a Quiz!

It was was rather flat week except for Silver which fell ~4%. Crude has cooled off nicely since its spike from Russia-Ukraine war and the impact is also ...

[Newsletter]: GST collection breaks record, Market Overview & More

USDINR and Nifty 50 are both going strong but today, they are where they were last week. Gold is super strong and it inched up another 2%. Crude is weak this ...

[Podcast] Here’s why taxes impact your investing decisions

 “Taxation is the price we pay for civilisation,” as the saying goes. But what happens when the price tag keeps going ...

[Newsletter] Gujarat PSU stocks zoom, Market Overview and Things we are reading!

Nifty 50 gained 3% this week and is now only ~4% away from its all time high. Good times indeed for stocks. Although, Gold and Silver didn't do much this week ...

[Newsletter]: Quick glance of Indian market & more

Yet another bad week for IT stocks as the index dropped 5.4% this week and 18% over the year. PSU bank stocks were up 2.1% for the week and are having a ...

Newsletter: What’s common between Nokia, AMC, Palantir & BBBY?

The Realty sector had a great week as it rose 5.3%. The auto sector is also showing green shoots especially since passenger vehicle sales are finally catching ...