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Introducing The Capitalmind Podcast: On Debt Mutual Funds Taking Losses and What You Can Do About It

  Here’s introducing the Capitalmind Podcast: Of strange things in the financial markets, with Deepak Shenoy and Shray Chandra. Click play below: ...

Video: Views on the Budget

A quick look at the stuff that’s happened in the Interim budget: Also this is shot at our new office, which is a bigger and better place to work. ...

The Interim Budget Impact on the Housing Sector

The housing market hasn’t been in the pink of health over the last few years. The last two years in particular haven’t been good for the sector. ...

Budget2019: A Quick Look at What Happened

We’ve live tweeted the Budget 2019, the interim budget till the full one in July after elections: (Click it for the whole thread) Live tweeting the ...

Abeyaar: RBI Is Hoarding Too Much Capital And Can Pay A Chunk To The Government

The Government’s asking the RBI for money, and saying it has too much capital. The conversations around this are of this sort: Oh man the government is ...

Markets Expect Looser Bank Regulation, So Should You Buy Those Beaten Up PSU Banks?

A governor resigns. The new governor is likely to be “soft” on regulation. What’s that going to do to the public sector banks that have been ...

Commercial Paper Sees 19,000 cr. Issued Today, Yields Around 8%

The Commercial Paper situation is continuously getting better, with over 19,000 cr. issued today. Salient highlights: 10,000 cr. went to NBFCs, though REC was ...

Normalcy Seems To Return to the Commercial Paper Market – 24,000 cr. Issued, Yields Stable.

We are definitely seeing a revival of the CP market. Around 24,000 cr. was issued today (primary, from issuers). Most of this went to corporates again. ...

14,000 cr. Commercial Paper Issued, Corporates Return, NBFC Yields Fall

Today (19 November 2018), nearly 14,400 cr. of Commercial Paper was issued. Of this we saw: 10,000 cr. from corporates, around 7.7% on average 3,500 cr. from ...

CP Issued on 16 Nov 2018: 11,500 cr. worth

Today, the CP Market was vibrant with Rs. 11,552 cr. in primary commercial paper issued. Highlights: Home fin companies aren’t issuing much – ...