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Who Says You Can't Compare Investments That Have Different Risks?

We often hear long winded stories from people in the financial industry about how we should not compare two things with different “risk”. So ...

When A Stock is Added or Removed From the Nifty 50, What Happens Next?

The National Stock Exchange has about 58 Equity related Indices one can track even though most investors / traders follow a very small sub-section of it. Nifty ...

How Do You Plan For Your Child's Future?

You have a child. You want the best for her. Or him. (Sometimes both. But let’s stop getting politically correct and just use one gender) So you want to ...

Premium (Unlocked): How to find stocks hitting all-time-highs using Capitalmind SNAP

Dear Readers, I’m sure you’ve all noticed: NIFTY’s been hitting all-time-highs. And so are several stocks (many of whom we own in our model ...

Nifty Gaps and future Returns

With BJP trouncing the opposition in Uttar Pradesh, the markets opened with a gap on the opening bell. A gap is simply an open either higher than a previous ...

How You Should Bid in an OFS (Offer For Sale) Issue

An Offer for Sale (OFS) is when an already listed company wants to sell new shares or its promoters want to decrease their holding in the company and offers ...

Video: Selecting Stocks and Building Equal Weighted Portfolios on Capitalmind Snap

Discovering stocks: The DIY Toolkit If you want to discover stocks for investment, a good way is to look at strong performers in the market. When a stock does ...

[Webinar Video] Use Excel To Save Yourself from Being Suckered Into Financial Junk

Watch Deepak Shenoy unravel financial jargon through the use of simple Excel formulas that will help you understand when you’re being suckered into a ...

Macronomics: The CAPE Shiller P/E Ratio for the Nifty

Today we’ll speak of how to calculate the Cyclically Adjusted P/E Ratio, or CAPE, for the Nifty. Robert Shiller invented this for the US, so it’s ...

Video: Capitalmind's FII Data Explained

Data Monster explains the Daily Settlement Statistics posted in #general on Slack. We cover the following data sets: FII/FPI and DII Trading Activity ...