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The enduring myth of Great Companies

The top three most popular management books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide. By studying great companies in depth, they decode what made them great ...

How geopolitical conflict impacts equity markets

Over the weekend, news of the vicious attack by the militant group Hamas on Israeli civilians emerged. Going by initial reports of casualties, the ongoing ...

The 12% Myth: Estimating Long-Term Equity Returns

12% is the most common assumption plugged into financial planning models, with good reason. The problem is long-term returns in India have a wide range. In the ...

Ten Money messages I would share with my younger self

As unintuitive as it'll sound coming from an investment manager, you probably don't need to think about investing as much as you think you do—that and nine ...

How non-programmers can use Chatgpt’s Code Interpreter to kickstart analysis

The closest analogy to using chatgpt and Code Interpreter is like everyone having access to a smart yet inexperienced intern conversant with python ...

How the investment industry harnesses FOMO to drive sales

The typical Amazon product page has almost 10 elements meant to nudge us to buy the product. All businesses utilise FOMO-nudges to stand out in a crowded ...

RBI’s New Digital Lending Rules that allow Loss Guarantees by Startups

Fintech startups get a kinda-sorta reprieve from tough Uncle RBI, who went from "No loss guarantees, period" to "Maybe a little". But obviously, like all Harry ...

Certainty is absurd

Disclaimer: This post is a question without an answer. It is also not about investing. In the winter of 1799, George Washington, the first President of the ...

Fact, Fiction and Factor Investing

Factor investing has been around for several decades, backed by an enormous body of literature, and yet it is still surrounded by much confusion and debate. ...

Debt Mutual Funds will be taxed unfavourably after April 2023

The finance ministry has just delivered an inswinging yorker to the debt mutual fund industry. For long term investments made starting April, one major tax ...