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The FMP Saga: What’s with Fixed Maturity Plans (FMP) Losing Money?

(Warning: Long post.) News floods the investment landscape about something strange in the land of debt funds. It turns out that: a) Kotak Mutual Fund has an ...

Charts: Nifty and Next 50 Monthly Returns Show a Whopper Return in March

The Nifty’s ended the financial year well, with a 7% gain and a solid move on the index. We usually post this as a chart regularly and have missed out on ...

The Voda-Idea Rights Issue – a 25,000 cr. Offer You Might Still Want To Think About

India’s third largest telecom player has announced a rights issue and it’s huge. Vodafone Idea said in its BSE filing that it is planning to raise ...

Charts: Inflation Drops to 2.05%, Even Lower Than What RBI Projected a Week Back

There is something to be said about inflation. It’s a number that is stubbornly refusing to rise. January inflation came in at just 2.05%, a near-two ...

InterimBudget 2019: A Quick Look at Where Government Spends

As Individuals, we go into debt basically for two reasons. One is when we wish to acquire a capital asset that cannot be acquired by our savings alone. Second ...

Budget 2019: A Quick Look at Where Government Earns Its Income

The Interim Budgets are more about Optics than Reality. After all, the government that presents the Interim government will stay in power for just a few ...

Interim Budget 2019: Rural Economy Sees A Not So Great 75,000 Cr Boost

The interim budget seems to be farmer and middle class centric, rather than a development one. They peg expenditure for FY20 at a total of Rs 27.84 lakh Cr. Of ...

Charts: Positive Momentum, Negative Momentum and the Carnage within

What goes up has to come down, said Isaac Newton, in reference to Gravity. Stock prices move in cycles with the upside celebrated as coming of age for the ...

Living Easy, Living Free: The Beast They Call NHAI and Its Debt Burden

In a very interesting article, Sanjay Bakshi takes on the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) – Read: A Highway Of Debt Sanjay says this of the ...

Charts: Inflation is at 2.19% Through Core Inflation Remains at 5.7%. Will They Cut Rates?

What a come down it has been for Inflation. The number that we’re seeing is 2.19%, a very low headline for what has been one of India’s biggest ...