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Video: How To Strategically Create Option Trades

Uncle Theta is going audio-visual today. We bring you thoughts on how to build spreads using data crunched through the Capitalmind Snap platform. Watch as ...

Making Profits Because Of The STT: Uncle Theta Shows You How

If you can't beat the STT, you join it, says Uncle Theta. STT is Securities Transaction Tax. But Uncle Theta has found a way to make it a profitable thing with ...

Uncle Theta Scolds Stratoptions For Making Only 11 Points On Boredom

As Uncle Theta has come around we have found excellent experimental trades that have generated awesome returns - and we will start to work them into ...

This Time, Uncle Theta Gets Rich With A Regular Calendar Straddle

In an interesting Expiry, Uncle Theta managed to produce some experimental results we have been doing live on the Slack channels. We'll now look at how we used ...

Uncle Theta Explores a Rich Nephew Strategy with Warrants

Uncle Theta goes big. Some of you in Capitalmind Premium will remember the incredible deal in October 2015, when HDFC did an institutional placement of bonds. ...

Uncle Theta Presents – Margin Efficient Directional Spreads

Thinking about trading multi-leg spreads can be quite daunting to those starting out with limited capital. For example, a one lot short straddle requires close ...

Uncle Theta: A short calendar on Bank Nifty

I have to admit. The past few weeks have been a trying time. With IVs low all across the board, there's nothing much to do. I was bored and desperate. So late ...

How the #Brexit trade returned 5% in 5 days

Uncle Theta doesn’t like to boast. But what to do if things just worked well, and Uncle had to tell you how? So let me.    Remember the #Brexit play we ...

Options: Is there a #Brexit play? Uncle Theta explores.

The event is upon us and India VIX – a measure of uncertainty in NIFTY’s options market – reached adulthood today, closing above 18. If you ...

StratOptions: We Close March with 2.5% After a Rip-Your-Face-Off Rally

Yet another trade goes our way in Stratoptions after a harrowing March, which saw a 700 point move in the Index, nearly 10% up in the month. We managed to eke ...