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4 ArticlesTTKPrestige

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TTK Prestige Grows EPS 55% in Sep 2011

TTK Prestige threw in a fantastic set of results today, with 55% EPS growth, and 51% revenue growth, year on year. The stock closed up 7% at 2818. The chart ...

TTKPRESTIGE Crosses 3,000 + Hawkins Does Well

It was kitchen appliance day too. TTK Prestige, a stock I’ve been tracking for a while now, has just hit another all time high at 3,032. Brilliant, I ...

TTK Prestige: Pure Speculation?

A couple of readers warned me that all was not well in the rise of TTK Prestige I had earlier mentioned. Look at the deliverable quantity, they said. And here ...

TTK Prestige: New 52 Week High, Huge Volume

The recent result announcements were mindblowing. Their Trailing Twelve Month Earnings per Share was Rs. 46, up from about 20 last year. They make pressure ...