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Stove Kraft IPO: Should you invest?

Stove Kraft Ltd. – kitchen appliance manufacturer – is the fourth company to open its initial public offering in the last seven days. IPOs are seasonal ...

The Tale of Two Stocks That Went Up 10x Because of a Good Story

In a discussion on Capitalmind Premium Slack, we started speaking about investing on stocks based on stories. Sometimes you hear a story – that something ...

TTK Prestige Grows EPS 55% in Sep 2011

TTK Prestige threw in a fantastic set of results today, with 55% EPS growth, and 51% revenue growth, year on year. The stock closed up 7% at 2818. The chart ...

TTKPRESTIGE Crosses 3,000 + Hawkins Does Well

It was kitchen appliance day too. TTK Prestige, a stock I’ve been tracking for a while now, has just hit another all time high at 3,032. Brilliant, I ...

TTKPrestige: Still At All Time Highs

A kitchen appliance company, TTK Prestige seems to be really strong. Despite the broader market having come down 20% or more, this stock is pushing to new ...