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Tech: TataSteel and TCS Do Their Magic, SesaGoa Shows Potential Loss

The Technical Setup (Bollinger Reject + MACD) has now worked its magic with Tata Steel, after nearly hitting its stop loss: The trade was at 289, rolled over ...

Tech: Tata Steel and TCS Show Up Short

From the last ACC close we do seem to have some intermediate short positions showing in the MACD+Bollinger Reject system.  (HT @anayash and reader Himanshu) ...

At Yahoo: Good Stock. Bad Stock.

My article at Yahoo: Good Stock. Bad Stock. Tata Steel showed some gutsy results in the last few quarters, with phenomenal year-on-year growth in their net ...

Funny-mentals : Tata Steel

I got a mail from Ninad today about how Tata Steels standalone figures had an EPS of Rs. 18, but the consolidated figures including Corus, were released later ...