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Premium: Tata Chem Demerges The Consumer Entity into Tata Global – Is This Good or Bad?

Tata Chemicals will demerge the stuff that you know about it – The Tata Salt, the Sampann Dal and such things that are the “consumer” ...

Premium: A Benevolent Tata Sons Gives a Big Profit Jump & Debt Reduction to Tata Chem & Tata Global

Tata Chemicals is about to get a Rs. 900 cr. bump up in profit. Tata Sons, the big private holding company of the Tatas, now run by TCS ex-CEO N. Chandra, ...

Indian Tea Industry – Companies, Production, Exports, Challenges

  The Indian Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Industry is one of the most labour intensive in the country. After the Indian Railways, the Indian Tea Industry is ...

Technicals: The BB-Reject+MACD Strategy Works On Hourlies Too

The Bollinger Band Reject + MACD Strategy seems to be working on hourly bars as well. I have been tracking this for the last five days and the strategy seems ...