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Podcast: The PMC Bank Debacle (Episode-10)

  Host Shray Chandra (Director) and Deepak Shenoy (CEO) discuss in detail about the troubles at the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC) Bank, the ...

The Troubles at PMC Bank, And Your Options as a Depositor

A co-operative bank by the name of Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PmcBank) is now in trouble. Here’s a simple look at the problem. PMC Bank ...

How Shady Corporate Governance Has Given India Inc. a Bad Name

Never, ever, think about something else when you should be thinking about the power of incentives.”— Charlie Munger It has been twenty-eight years since ...

Mantri Developers Allegedly Defaults on “Assured” Returns To Customers On Webcity Project

Sometimes, things are too good to be true. In 2015, we said “Be Sceptical: Mantri Developers offers 100% Assured Returns in 3 Years“. And then in ...

Odisha Cement Says a Broker Stole 344 cr. Mutual Fund Units. Or Is There More To This Story?

Strange things happen in strange times. Odisha Cement Limited, a large (24,000 cr. market cap) listed entity, recently revealed that: “…certain ...

When the Buyback is the Only Buyer in Town, OCCL Edition

Oriental Carbon and Chemicals recently announced a buyback – a very tiny one, at Rs. 35 crore, at a maximum of Rs. 1150 per share. The buyback was  ...

Jubilant Backtracks From Paying Promoters For Brand They Don’t Really Use

Jubilant Foodworks and Jubilant Life Sciences are companies owned by the Bhartias, who’ve run them well so far. Yesterday they did something strange – ...

Suckered: Raymond Wants To Sell Prime Mumbai Land to its Promoters, 90% Lower Than Market Prices

Sometimes, you wonder how brazen promoters can be. And then you find out: More brazen than you can imagine. Consider this: There is a company, Raymond. ...

Fake News in Stocks: Of Signal, Noise and Bias

In April of 2013, the Associated Press twitter handle was hacked and a tweet went out which claimed that the President was injured in a bomb attack on the ...

Suckered: How a 4% Loan for Furniture Actually Costs You 12%

So my friend, let’s call him K, decided to go buy furniture and fixtures. He went to HomeTown and bought stuff worth Rs. 76021. And then there was a ...