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The Snap Results Tracker by Capitalmind: Track Company Results in One Place

In our new “Alpha” version of Snap we have a special for you: The Snap Results Tracker. You can access it easily, and track results as they come. ...

Premium (Unlocked): How to find stocks hitting all-time-highs using Capitalmind SNAP

Dear Readers, I’m sure you’ve all noticed: NIFTY’s been hitting all-time-highs. And so are several stocks (many of whom we own in our model ...

Video: Selecting Stocks and Building Equal Weighted Portfolios on Capitalmind Snap

Discovering stocks: The DIY Toolkit If you want to discover stocks for investment, a good way is to look at strong performers in the market. When a stock does ...

How we used Outliers to discover Sudarshan Chemicals, which returned 200%.

We’ve used Capitalmind SNAP Outliers extensively to discover stocks and sectoral stories. What follows is how it helped us identify Sudarshan Chemicals, ...

Snap: See Change in Open Interest in One Easy Chart!

We’ve made some cool additions to Capital Mind Snap and one of the new additions is the Change in Open Interest. On a chart that shows all the strike ...

New: Results Calendar at Capital Mind Snap

At Capital Mind Snap we have a Results Calendar for you which shows you what’s coming around on a daily basis. There are three types of entries: This ...