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Portfolio: Rejigging Smartcaps and Adding A Construction Company

We add this interesting small cap construction company to our Smartcap portfolio. ...

Smartcaps: A Stock That is a Better Mutual Fund Than a Mutual Fund

This is Capital Mind Premium content: Where else would get: An equity mutual fund at 40% to 60% discount to NAV Invested in most of the big companies in ...

SmartCap: A Rapid Rise in [Stock] Shows A Multi Pronged Play

Here’s our second (apologetically, since we should have more) post on “Smartcaps” – Our crowd-sourced portfolio. These are stocks many ...

SmartCaps: PTL Enterprises, A Low Priced Bet On Artemis Hospitals

Here’s introducing “Smartcaps” – Our crowd-sourced portfolio. First a bunch of thanks to the most awesome group I have known: all of ...