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RBI Policy Decoded: No Rate Cut, SLR Drop Overrated, Forex Freed and Corporate Bonds Beaten Up

RBI has not cut the repo rate. At Capital Mind, we expected this – we said at the time of the last rate cut (in Mid-Jan): RBI will continue to cut rates. ...

RBI Keeps Rates Unchanged, Will Wait Till Early Next Year

RBI has changed no rates. CRR remains at 4%, SLR is stagnant and repo/reverse rates are at 8%/7%. The important paragraph is this: 18. Still weak demand and ...

Cash Reserve and Liquidity Ratios: A Primer

This is a guest post by Dheeraj Singh. Dheeraj is a former fund manager for many years specializing in fixed income. Used to head fixed income at IL&FS ...

Interest Rates Drop, SLR lowered and more

RBI has announced a 1% drop in Cash Reserve Ratio (% of deposits that get deposited in RBI) and a 1% drop in the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (% of deposits in ...