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Budget 2016: The Service Tax Increases to 15%; Ambit gets Revamped

As the Budget day 2016 dawned upon us, expectations were lofty; would the government ease taxation? What about small savings schemes? Oh, the subsidies, ...

A High Service Tax Means Do Not Make In India, Buy From Abroad

Service Tax was hiked to 14% in this budget. The FinMin folks seem to think this is just a gradual move towards the GST rates of 20% or so, since manufacturing ...

You Thought Service Tax Was Hiked to 14%? It Might Be 16%.

Service Tax in Budget 2015 was moved to 14% from the 12.36% we were paying earlier. But there’s a sneaky thing in the budget that allows them to push it ...

Budget 2015: More Taxes, No Wealth Tax, More Other Taxes, Black Money Attacks

Budget 2015 wasn’t quite a blockbuster budget. It’s more of a pocket buster, as the biggest thing inside it is: Taxes are up. No Tax Rates Changed, ...