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How Russia Ukraine war impacts India, Uncertainty, an Interesting poll & More

.  🔆 Newsletter Exclusive: ONDC - can be the next big thing in the E-Commerce space  🔆 Geopolitics: Impact of Russia Ukraine war on India (detailed ...

Russia’s Fart Of War, LIC IPO Analysis, FANGAM Valuations and More

Last week was all about rumors of Russia going to war with Ukraine. Which didn't happen. Thankfully so. But it was enough to spook the markets and scare the ...

Russia Hikes Interest Rates as Ruble Goes Through the Roof

Russia’s being deep sixed by the fall in crude oil prices. The Russian Ruble has crashed to a record low of 55 to a dollar, which would make its 2014 ...

The Russian Ruble Continues to Fall, Loses 40% in 2014

The Ruble has crashed to 46 to a dollar. The currency has fallen from 32.6 in Jan 2014 to lose more than 40% in 10 months. Russia increased interest rates by ...