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The opportunity for India in the changing world order

War is eternally bad, no matter what the motivation. And yet, here we are, with Russia invading Ukraine and a war that threatens to become WW3. There’s a ...

Chart: The History of the Rupee-Dollar Exchange Rate Since 1966

Historical chart of the Indian Rupee versus the US Dollar from ...

The Rupee Does Way Better Than Big Emerging Market Currencies in 2015

The Indian Rupee is the best performing currency in the BRIC. Even the Indonesian Rupiah has devalued substantially.     Much of this is because the ...

Premium: One Structural Reason For the Sudden Rise in the Rupee

We analyze the possible reasons behind the Rupee's sudden resurgence of late. This is a post for Capital Mind Premium subscribers ...

Rupee Goes Towards 48 to the USD

The rupee is trading at Rs. 48 to the dollar today, in the futures market. The RBI ref rate was at 47.1, and we are close to 2 year highs. The longer term ...