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The Nascent Broadband Market Is About To Roar

In the past seven years, the subscriber base for home broadband has grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 4%, while that of mobile broadband at 56%. Home ...

What Vodafone Idea & Bharti Airtel’s Core Revenue Reflect

The adjusted gross revenue data reported by the regulator – TRAI – has revealed some divergent revenue trends for Bharti Airtel Ltd. and Vodafone Idea Ltd. ...

Reliance Jio’s Tariff Hikes Hit Subscriber Resistance

The youngest telecom operator in India – Reliance Jio – reported revenue growth of 6.2% in the March 2020 ended quarter. The company’s average revenue ...

How Reliance Plans To Get “Net Debt Free”

Reliance Industries Ltd.’s focus on reducing debt in times of uncertainty has led to a re-rating in the share prices. It has announced multiple transactions ...

Actionables: The Reliance Rights nets 4%, POWERINDIA gets us 2.5%

This post covers the results from two recent experimental actions we posted for our premium members We had entered the Reliance Rights issue trade on the 20th ...

Trading the Reliance Rights Issue Like an Option

The Reliance Rights issue Opened today, we’ve written earlier about it here We did a super interesting #experimental trade on the Rights Issue which is ...

The Opportunity in the Reliance Rights Issue of Partly Paid Shares

Reliance is in the thick of the news. A stake sale of 10% to Facebook, of it’s Jio Platforms subsidiary at a value of, pre-money, around 375,000 cr. ...

The Magic Behind The Profits of Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio is profitable, apparently. Because Reliance Industries has a press release to this effect: From the accountant’s point of view he is right. ...

The Story: Why Reliance Was Fined Rs. 950 cr. for Trading RPL Shares

Reliance Industries was fined Rs. 950 cr. (around 447 cr. in retracted gains, and 500 cr. in interest) for a 2007 case of manipulation of Reliance Petroleum ...

Reliance Jio Launches: Great For You and Me, Unless We Are Shareholders of any Telco

Reliance is disrupting the game again in telecom. A decade after it launched the ultra cheap mobile phone and forced every operator to cut rates by half or ...