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Yet Another Rate Cut: RBI Cuts to Lowest Rate Since 2010, But Confuses By Its “Stance”

RBI cuts the repo rate today by 0.25% to 6%, the lowest it has been since 2010 (it was at 6% in 2017 too, for a while). This isn’t the lowest though ...

Abeyaar: RBI Is Hoarding Too Much Capital And Can Pay A Chunk To The Government

The Government’s asking the RBI for money, and saying it has too much capital. The conversations around this are of this sort: Oh man the government is ...

Understanding the Kotak-RBI Battle – Letter, Spirit, Rules and A Court Petition

Kotak Bank, known as one of the finest private banks in India, has knocked the doors of the courts against its own regulator, the Reserve Bank of India. We ...

The Implications of RBI Governor Urjit Patel's Sudden Resignation

Urjit Patel, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, has resigned. Abruptly. Saying he’s off for personal reasons. (See note) How complex is this? Why ...

Charts: Indian Banks Have Very Low Capital Compared To Other Countries

In a recent lecture, N.S. Vishwanathan, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India which  talked about the famous circular: The Revised Framework for ...

Opinion: The Government and the RBI – Business as Usual When They Fight About Independence

The RBI is supposed to be independent from the government. Complaints have come, some from the RBI itself, that the government is trying to undermine that ...

Chart: Coming Back To Cash One Year After Demonetization

It’s been a year since Demonetization! At 8 pm on November 8, 2017, Prime Minister Modi told us all that the big notes we have – Rs. 500 and Rs. ...

RBI Frees Short Sales of Bonds, Lets Retail Buyers Into Weekly Bond Auctions

The RBI announced a very boring credit policy with no changes to CRR or Interest rates. But one thing it did say was that: 13. Review of Short Selling ...

RBI Annual Report Reveals It Got Back Nearly All The Banned Notes After Demonetization

We wrote earlier this month that the cost of Demonetization was Rs. 34,000 cr. after a much lower dividend from the RBI. We even written in November 2016 that ...

The Cost of Demonetization: Rs. 34,000 cr. in Lower RBI Payout, Likely from Interest on Excess Cash

The RBI will pay Rs. 306.59 billion (Rs. 30,659 cr.) to the government as a “surplus”. Versus Rs. 65,000 cr. in the previous years. Oh my goodness, ...