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Premium: Why Liquid Funds Will Suck For Fixed Income Portfolios

We’ve just changed the fixed income portfolio. Because the RBI, in its infinite wisdom, has thrown in the towel on interest rates. We have a video about ...

No Rate Cut: Bonds Fall 2% after a Disappointing RBI Policy

RBI leaves all rates unchanged, in a surprise move to remove the “accomodative” stance they had so far. They’ve moved to ...

RBI Doesn't Cut Rates, Spooks Bonds and Stocks From Inflation Fears

RBI hasn’t cut rates at all. We were wrong. In the policy statement, the RBI has kept rates the same at 6.25% (Repo). The reverse repo rate is 5.75%. The ...

RBI Cuts Rates, Won't Change A Thing, Startups Can Borrow Abroad: RBI Policy Decoded

RBI has cut rates by 0.25%. The repo rate – the rate at which banks borrow overnight from the RBI – is now at 6.25%. The reverse repo rate (at ...

Premium: Big Expiry Move in March – Second Biggest Since 2009

We have had a HUGE rally. With the Nifty currently at 7770, it has moved 11.47% since Feb 29 (the last expiry, on Budget day) which is the largest up move ...