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4 ArticlesRating Agencies

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John Mauldin: The Law of Unintended Consequences

John Mauldin’s Thoughts from the frontline: The law of unintended consequences: In the beginning there were ratings agencies, and they rated corporate ...

Letter to PFRDA : Why go back to Requiring Rating for Bonds

The PFRDA seems to have ditched the Expert Group. In it’s call for comments, I notice that they have both an incorrect entry (of what the Expert Group ...

S&P wants rating agencies to be regulated

Bloomberg: S&P calls for greater regulation on credit ratings. (Hat tip: The Big Picture) Standard & Poor’s called for more regulation of ...

Hail the Pension Policy for Making Rating Agencies Irrelevant

PFRDA has released the Investment Regulations for the New Pension Scheme for the informal sector (Sorry for the google link, the original link doesn’t ...