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Premium Whatzatt: Buybacks, Experimentals, Portfolio Allocations.

The Premium Whatzatt – our Q&A message board. While our premium members get exclusive access to the Slack community which allows them get instant ...

Now Free: How Other Funds Handled The Ballarpur Debt Default, and Why You Need To Exit Some Of Them

The Ballarpur Default had one big victim: Taurus Mutual Fund. But Taurus owned just 100 cr. or so of Ballarpur Debt. Was it the only Mutual Fund to have been ...

Premium Whatzatt: Analyzing Bonds, Active Hedging, LTCG on Stocks.

We introduce the Premium Whatzatt – our Q&A message board. While our premium members get exclusive access to the Slack community which allows ...

Portfolios (Unlocked) : Capitalmind Performance in 2016 – A Good Year For The Five Portfolios

The year has been rotten, for the markets overall. The Nifty’s flat. Smallcaps had a good run, but collapsed in the last two months. Midcaps have ...

Premium (Unlocked) : What We Wrote About in 2016

Here’s a list of the best things at Capitalmind in 2016. It’s long, it’s fun and it’ll tell you what you might have missed! It’s ...

Using Ratio Spreads to trade earnings: A live-example on INFY

Result season is a challenging time for short-term trading. You never know what’s gonna hit you, how, and you wonder whether you should even bother messing ...

StratOptions: IV spike post Surgical Strikes helps us score a quick 2.63%

We hope we've been able to show you that picking direction is not the only play in town, and that this has helped you learn not just about probability-based ...

Portfolio: Exiting Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio – Returns 20% in 4 Months

We are exiting the our theme based CM MOnsoon Portfolio on a High Note. The portfolio has returned 20% in four ...

Bond Baba: Why Are There Two 10-Year Bonds With Different Yields?

Bond Baba goes into some theory today. There are apparently two 10 year bonds, both maturing in 2026. One has a 6.97% coupon and the other, a 7.59% coupon. ...

Macronomics: The Strange Case of the Highest LIBOR Since 2009

Today we look at a strange development in the world markets. It's an event that is causing rates to rise. And it's not the Fed. It's the LIBOR. The London ...