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Yet Another Rate Cut: RBI Cuts to Lowest Rate Since 2010, But Confuses By Its “Stance”

RBI cuts the repo rate today by 0.25% to 6%, the lowest it has been since 2010 (it was at 6% in 2017 too, for a while). This isn’t the lowest though ...

Loan Waivers – The Moral Hazard & Incentive to Default

India is a predominantly agriculture based country. This is not reflected by way of contribution to GDP but in terms of the percentage of population that is ...

RBI Cuts Rates, Won't Change A Thing, Startups Can Borrow Abroad: RBI Policy Decoded

RBI has cut rates by 0.25%. The repo rate – the rate at which banks borrow overnight from the RBI – is now at 6.25%. The reverse repo rate (at ...

You Could Get a Tax Cut For Paying Electronically, Says a Government Proposal to Help E-Payments Trump Cash

The government has proposed a policy to make Electronic Transactions more attractive. In the proposal, they say a number of things that sound like music to my ...

RBI Committee Clarifies Monetary Policy, Suggests CPI Inflation Target of 4%, Major Reforms

The Urijit Patel Committee has submitted a report on Monetary Policy that expects to simply what the RBI intends to achieve in its monetary policy. Choice of ...

The Road To Agricultural Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

Ila Patnaik talks about the terrible situation created by the concept of the APMC (Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee) APMC acts were passed by states ...