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Podcast: Anupam Gupta on Regular Investing and Where To Focus

Anupam Gupta (b50 on Twitter) speaks with Deepak Shenoy of Capitalmind, about what to focus on when investing. It’s more about just regular investing, ...

Podcast: The State of Financial Advice in India (Episode 4)

It’s the Quarter End – a barrage of requests from bankers, investment advisors, distributors about new investments or topping up old ones. Deepak ...

Podcast: The Stubborn Cost of Capital in India (Episode 3)

The startup crowd, from Flipkart to Swiggy to Paytm, are all owned by funds from China, Japan or the US. And now, other large companies too are seeing ...

Podcast Episode 2: Are Index Funds Outperforming Actively Managed Funds?

We had a good response to our first episode: (Episode 1: On Debt Funds Losing Money). Today we bring you Episode 2. It’s about a topic that’s ...

Introducing The Capitalmind Podcast: On Debt Mutual Funds Taking Losses and What You Can Do About It

Here’s introducing the Capitalmind Podcast: Of strange things in the financial markets, with Deepak Shenoy and Shray Chandra. Click play below: ...

Podcast: The Ricoh Fiasco and the Parag IPO

We’re trying things everyday, and here’s a new format – a podcast! Vashistha and I have some fun things to say about what’s going on ...

Podcast: Raghu Vohra on How India is Viewed Abroad Compared To Other Emerging Markets

I had a conversation with Raghu Vohra, founder of Blackstone Valley Group. Raghu’s an angel investor on our firm’s board, and he has been involved ...