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[Podcast] Going gaga over options in India

 If you are even a little active on social media, especially Twitter, you would have witnessed the ...

[Podcast] Should you invest in a PMS?

 Welcome back to the Capitalmind Podcast – a place where we dissect the nuances of finance and investing, in ...

[Podcast] How to invest a lumpsum amount?

You've tuned in to another episode of The Capitalmind Podcast, where we tackle a question that's been on your mind: "ESOP lumpsum in hand, what's your next ...

[Podcast] Stock market returns are lumpy. Get used to it

 Our latest podcast episode is here, and it’s all about exploring the different ways investors make money in ...

[Podcast] What Lies Behind Mutual Fund Expense Ratios: SEBI’s Call for Transparency in TERs

   Welcome back to another episode of our podcast, where we dive deep into the world of finance and investment. In ...

Podcast: How arbitrage funds might have systemic risk on a tax-rule change

"If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck", goes the saying. Arbitrage mutual funds are actually taxed ...

[Podcast] Here’s why taxes impact your investing decisions

 “Taxation is the price we pay for civilisation,” as the saying goes. But what happens when the price tag keeps going ...

[Podcast] How does short selling work?

Short selling is mostly misunderstood and often demonized. Quite understandable, it's difficult to put your head around a concept that involves selling ...

[Podcast] What led to the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)?

We discuss the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank. How this seemingly robust, conservative, bank with $180 billion in deposits tumbled down in just a couple of ...

[Podcast]: The problem with “adjusted” financial accounts

 Anyone who thinks financial accounting is boring hasn’t seen the creativity in some of the financial statements. Not just in ...