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The Capitalmind Wealth Momentum Performance, and How It Weathered the Covid Crisis

Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio has delivered 28% for the year ending July 2020 with lower volatility than the broader market. Here's how the rule-based exit ...

Wealth Letter July 2020: The Second Order, After the Wave of Liquidity

There’s this company called Meru. It offers cab rides to the airport. And then Covid hits ...

More Pooling Problems for PMS Providers

Hindustan Times: ‘No pooling’ norm to hit PMS hard: As per industry estimates, close to Rs 10,000 crore is housed in portfolio management schemes, ...

Stopping the PMS Abuse

Portfolio management services (PMS) have been told to change the way they operate. (From DNA) Sebi asked PMS houses not to pool assets of investors the way ...