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How Zero Cost EMIs Work

Happy New Year 2020 folks! We start the year with an explainer on Zero cost EMIs. This is when you are told: Take this product at 0% EMI for six months! And ...

Podcast: Should You Buy A House? (Ep-13)

“Your EMI is going to consist of way more rent paid to a bank than the rent you’re paying your landlord. So if you financially look at it, ...

NPS Versus Good Old Long Term Equity Investing – Even Without a Tax-Saving Tag, Equity Rocks

It’s tax saving season, so it’s apt to ask: Should you buy into the New Pension Scheme (NPS) for which the government has given you a phenomenal ...

You Thought Service Tax Was Hiked to 14%? It Might Be 16%.

Service Tax in Budget 2015 was moved to 14% from the 12.36% we were paying earlier. But there’s a sneaky thing in the budget that allows them to push it ...

Budget 2015: More Taxes, No Wealth Tax, More Other Taxes, Black Money Attacks

Budget 2015 wasn’t quite a blockbuster budget. It’s more of a pocket buster, as the biggest thing inside it is: Taxes are up. No Tax Rates Changed, ...