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Podcast #19: Investing in NPS? The good, the bad, and the annuity

“You can beat the NPS and it’s associated tax benefits, if you are able to generate just 1% above NPS returns consistently till retirement, but ...

You Will Not Believe The Real Cost of the Subsidized Insurance and Pension Schemes In The Budget

There were three new “social” schemes in the budget. These sounded like big government expenditure and the devil is obviously in the details. We ...

NPS (New Pension Scheme) has "hidden" charges

Sanjay Bhargava points me to this livemint article: India’s New Pension System (NPS) promises the lowest fund management charges. But a closer look at the ...

PFRDA Opens the New Pension Scheme (NPS) to all citizens

PFRDA – a horrendously complex acronym for a pension fund regulator has opened up the New Pension Scheme (NPS) to all citizens. Read the Offer Document, ...