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Is Orchid Chemicals a Wilful Defaulter?

Every quarter all banks are supposed to provide a list of Wilful Defaulters to CIBIL (and other such agencies). A wilful defaulter is someone who can, but will ...

Orchid Chem: What’s Cooking?

Orchid Chemicals has been doing incredibly well the last few weeks: The breakout has been incredibly strong, and the stock is now closing in on the all-time ...

Orchid Up 16%, and Mudra’s on a roll as well

Orchid Chem is up 16% at Rs. 287 today. This is quite a spectacular move, for a stock I’d only written about yesterday. (Read: The Orchid Saga, Still ...

The Orchid Saga: Still Worth A Dekho

Orchid Chemicals has had a very exciting 2008. First in January the big crash took Orchid Chem with it, from the highs of 320+ down to the 240 levels. After ...