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Uncle Theta makes a comeback! – Part 1

Theta decay or time decay in options is akin to death and taxes. Since its that certain, and structural in nature, meaning its fundamental to the way options ...

Uncle Theta: The No-Downside Strategy for 2019 – Nifty Returns if it Rises, No Loss if it Falls

We’ve been talking about our “No Downside Strategy” for a few years now. Basically, how do you get the Nifty Upside but don’t lose if ...

Uncle Theta: The Death of Volatility – How to survive low IVs with Ratio Diagonals

Note to trial members: StratOptions uses options to generate income every month. We target 2-3%, and we have been running it since December 2015. This and much ...

Booking Profit on [stock], Exit Stratoptions, Enter MA20: Portfolio Updates

We've been doing some changes in the portfolios and here's an update. Momentum: Cutting It Down Further. Long Term: Booking Some Value In . MA20: A New ...

StratOptions Special Preview: Staying Patient When VIX is Low, June Edition Part 1

Note for Trial members: StratOptions is a Capital Mind Premium strategy which uses options to attempt to generate income at between 3% to 5% a month. We have ...

Optionalysis: MA20 Turns Around Yet Another Profitable Trade

After a long time we have a decent trade in MA20. A quick gap down gave us a decent opportunity but we exited early because of the severe lack of volume on the ...

Optionalysis: Handling the New Weekly Options In A Calendar Straddle

You can now trade the weekly Bank Nifty options – they expire on the Thursday  of every week. So there was a Bank Nifty set of options that expired on ...

StratOptions: Another Successful Straddle Write Ends May, With Lots of Hedges

Stratoptions was a crazy ride in the last two months. We had a number of trades where we started, but let’s take you through the process. 1) The 8000 ...

Optionalysis: A Tiny Profit with MA20 After Disastrous Moves

  The MA20 today fizzled out. We bought the 7700 PE after the MA20 crossed below 30, but after it showed some enthusiasm going to 116, it retreated to 90 ...

Optionalysis: Introducing The Sucker's Index

A sucker’s born every minute, they say. And in the parlance of the markets, the non-institutional “retail” shareholder tends to be called the ...