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Simplifying India’s PSU Oil & Gas space

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest sectors in the world and one of the most complex. Investors looking to enter the oil and gas industry can ...

An Experimental Trade: Rising Oil Enough For A Rerating?

India’s largest oil and gas explorer – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.’s – fate turned around in the last six months of 2021. Needless to say, ...

What makes Amazon, Amazon!

Amazon made $281Bn in revenue in 2019, up 20% from the previous year. That is the combined revenue of the top-5 revenue-earning Indian companies: Reliance, ...

PSU Oil & Gas Stocks: Reset to Brent @ $50

Brent Crude prices have been reset at $50 per barrel, while gas prices have risen to $11/mmBtu – highest in last two years. Read here to find out the impact ...

Third Consecutive Cut In Gas Price To Widen Losses For ONGC

Prices of natural gas in India are expected to be the lowest in more than a decade from October 1, denting revenues of producers who are already incurring huge ...

Guest Post: Should you pay for your sins?

This is a guest post by Faiz Memon, a happy wearer of many hats. Faiz is a student, an entrepreneur, an investor and an advisor for over two decades. Personal ...

ONGC First Gets Forced To Buy HPCL and Now, To Buy Its Own Shares Back

We have some big big numbers here. This is, in fact, the summary of the borrowings of ONGC during FY17-18. In Fy16-17 they had no borrowings. In fact, during ...

The ONGC-HPCL Deal: Not Much of A Deal Unless They Merge

Most Mergers and Acquisitions are sold on the premise of better synergy leading to improvement in efficiency and performance. Rare are such instances in real ...

Should You Buy That 5% Discounted CPSE ETF?

Would we apply for the CPSE ETF IPO in the next few days? The Government offers a 5% discount on shares bought in this IPO. Capitalmind gives you an in-depth ...

The Inter Company Jugaad: Selling IOC to ONGC and Oil India

In order to make up for its fiscal deficit, the government has been trying ingenious stunts. A ministerial panel has decided that the government will sell ...