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Third Consecutive Cut In Gas Price To Widen Losses For ONGC

Prices of natural gas in India are expected to be the lowest in more than a decade from October 1, denting revenues of producers who are already incurring huge ...

Guest Post: Should you pay for your sins?

This is a guest post by Faiz Memon, a happy wearer of many hats. Faiz is a student, an entrepreneur, an investor and an advisor for over two decades. Personal ...

The Inter Company Jugaad: Selling IOC to ONGC and Oil India

In order to make up for its fiscal deficit, the government has been trying ingenious stunts. A ministerial panel has decided that the government will sell ...

Oil India IPO

A lot of you have requested comments on the Oil India IPO. I’m a sucker for IPOs which give you a P/E or 10 or so, and it seems this ...