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OMG: The Retail Investor is the Biggest Player in the Stock Market

If you thought the foreign investors were the ones driving the market, you'd be wrong. Mutual funds? Wrong again. Banks? Insurers? Wrong. It's the individual ...

Sell Today, Buy Only Two Days Later: Exchanges Change the Rules

From August 1, retail investors will not be able to buy stocks with the cash generated after selling stocks on the same day. What does this mean for investors ...

Sub-Prime Securities?

Economic Times has the news that Prime Securities, a broker with the NSE, is in trouble for owing Rs. 80-100 cr. to the NSE for derivatives trading margin. ...

Emkay Has To Pay For Fat-Finger Trade, Says NSE

Six months after their “fat finger” trade in October 2012 (Read: The Flash Crash: Fat Finger or Algo, Emkay Must Pay) when the market fell nearly 15% on a ...

Chart: Stock Market Volumes at a Low

Since 2007, stock markets have seen highs and lows. India’s GDP has more than doubled. The money supply in the system – total deposits in banks for ...

NSE Introduces a Cool “Stock Watch” Feature

A neat new feature on the NSE home page is the Stock Watch feature: It shows you all stocks in some indices (Nifty, Junior Nifty, CNX IT, BankNifty and Nifty ...