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Banking Recapitalization: Kicking The Can Down The Road?

It is said that the Somnath temple in Gujarat was plundered as many as 17 times! After every loot, Indian Kings and devotees rebuilt (re-capitalized!) it with ...

Chart: Bad Loan Percentages Rise for Nearly All Banks in FY 2016 And The Worst Is Yet To Come

A quick look at Banking results shows us a major deterioration in NPAs – both Gross and Net. Gross NPAs = the loans that are 3 months (or more) delayed ...

Aggregate Debt Under CDR Mechanisms at An All-Time High; 19 Fresh Cases During Q2 2015

Earlier in 2014, we at Capital Mind had analysed the statistics behind Corporate Debt Restructuring programs in India (Macronomics: Corporate Debt Restructured ...