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Market Roundup – Opportunity or Crisis?

On Friday, the 23rd of March 2018, markets fell by 1.2%. While this is not a significant fall, what was significant was the fact that this drove the draw-down ...

Chart: The Nifty, Adjusted for Inflation, Still Lower Than 2008

It’s interesting how inflation can be a killer. The 2008 high of the Nifty was 50% lower than the highs in Jan 2018. And yet, because of inflation, the ...

Guest Post: How Long Has Such an Extreme Valuation Lasted?

This is a Guest Post by Anoop Vijaykumar.  Whether you are a fundamental or technical investor, your portfolio has probably done fairly well (‘Happy New ...

Realty and Metal Best Performers in 2017, Pharma and IT Worst

The broad based Nifty 50 Index returned 27.66% in the last calendar year. While different sectors performed at different scales, we bring to you the holistic ...

Nearly The Longest Time Since a 2% Decline: Dormant Volatility

In the large cap zone, markets have been very benign. Exactly how benign? Well, it turns out it’s been 233 trading days since we’ve seen a 2% ...

Charts: Nifty in 2017 is still up 21% after lowest monthly return in August

It’s time for our quick monthly stat: Index performance. Indexes went negative in August, with the Nifty losing about 1.6% in the month. That’s ...

Chart: Adjust the Nifty for Inflation, and we are 10% below the highs of 2007

Inflation hits all of us hard. It’s a drop in purchasing power. So let’s adjust the Nifty for a “constant” purchasing power by removing ...

Chart: Nifty does the best year since 2009 with a 5% in July

The Nifty had the best month of 2017 in July; it was up over 5%! The move to 10,000 has been swift. And takes the 2017 return to 23%. The Sensex also did about ...

Nifty Gaps and future Returns

With BJP trouncing the opposition in Uttar Pradesh, the markets opened with a gap on the opening bell. A gap is simply an open either higher than a previous ...

Nifty's P/E and How Returns Have Historically Come Around From Here

The Nifty has run up a bit, but how high is it in terms of an earnings multiple? And how do returns look from here? If you look at a Price to Earnings Ratio ...