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While You Were Sleeping: What Stocks Do Overnight versus in Trading Hours

There’s so much activity during the trading day. Stocks are going up. Falling. The index is moving. The TV channels are on. Sometimes the anchors wear ...

Market Roundup – Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full

We are moving into the final phases of the elections but our benchmark index seems unmoved by all the commotion saying just 5% away from its all-time high. ...

Charts: Positive Momentum, Negative Momentum and the Carnage within

What goes up has to come down, said Isaac Newton, in reference to Gravity. Stock prices move in cycles with the upside celebrated as coming of age for the ...

Charts: We're Seeing Massive Volatility. Or Are We?

This year has been horrible, you think. It has, indeed, been a rough year for stocks. But on the index, volatility isn’t exactly very high, because: ...

A Quick Context on the Market Fall. Is This A Time To Buy?

Markets have fallen. You won’t know it looking at the Nifty, but the midcaps have fallen over 18% this year, and the small caps, are down nearly by a ...

Charts: The Consolidated P/E of the Nifty Stocks And Their Earnings Growth

There’s problem in the P/E of the Nifty. It’s calculated based on the standalone earnings of the Nifty companies. This isn’t always fair ...

Charts: A Different Perspective

When we talk about Charts, the assumption is that it refers to Index Charts or Stock Charts. But real information can be extracted by creating charts using ...

Chart: The Battering of the Midcaps and Smallcaps in 2018

A quick note on how crazy the markets have been for the midcap bazaar this year – a 16% fall in the smallcap index and 12% drop in midcaps. And ...

Charts: Inflation Adjusted Returns Show Why Starting Points Matter

On popular demand here’s the inflation adjusted chart for the Nifty, PPF (the retirement savings plan) and gold, since the highs of 2007. It shows you ...

Nifty Monthlies: A 6% Return in April Takes Nifty to Positive in 2018

After a couple of lousy months, April’s come to the rescue just as the Nifty closes at +6.2% for the month. This has been a very interesting month, just ...