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[16 Jul 22] Newsletter: Market Overview, 5 good reads on investing & latest episode of our weekly show

. - Nifty 50 PE ratio - Valuation indicator for the current markets - Hits & Misses - Stocks that gained and lost the most - Links we like - 5 good reads on ...

Chart: Nifty Stocks and Their Earnings Growth and P/E Ratios

As all the Nifty results have trickled in, we have a P/E ratio for the Nifty on a consolidated basis (NSE only gives us standalone). The P/E ratio is now 21.45 ...

Charts: The Nifty P/E Crosses 27 Again, But….

In what is going to be another boring statistic on how the market is overvalued here’s the one we do often: The market P/E ratio. The Nifty’s P/E ...

Charts: The Nifty, Junior and Nifty 500 P/E At 10 Year Highs and Dull Earnings Growth

In general, it seems to be a bad idea to speak of the Nifty P/E ratio anymore. So anti national. But just because it doesn’t matter, should we just stop? ...

Nifty's P/E and How Returns Have Historically Come Around From Here

The Nifty has run up a bit, but how high is it in terms of an earnings multiple? And how do returns look from here? If you look at a Price to Earnings Ratio ...

Premium: How Markets Have Performed At Different P/E Ranges

It’s interesting to see how P/E ranges impact longer term returns. If you look at a Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E) independent of anything else, ...

Broad Market P/E Ratio Update: Expectations Get Even Higher

The Nifty 500 Price to Earnings Ratio is something we get asked about all the time. And here it is, on a weekend where people suddenly believe there might be a ...

Macronomics – India's Intolerant Earnings Growth

All this thing about how earnings should grow is so last decade. Right now, the idea is that India is not correlated to the European crisis, to the Japanese ...

Premium: This Broad Market Is Giving Us The Biggest Warning Signal Since 2008

There’s something in the market that’s telling us a story – and that particular story has been seen only once earlier. Of Extremely High ...