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2016 in Review: The Top 10 Dividend Yielding Companies

As part of our year-end summaries, we look at the top 10 dividend yield performers for 2016. You can catch our earlier series here: 2016 in review: The top 10 ...

Life Insurance Corporation of India ups stake in NHPC from 3.44% to 8.74%

NHPC NHPC Limited (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation is an Indian Hydropower generation company established with an objective to plan, promote and ...

NHPC Will Buy Back Shares at Rs. 19.25

NHPC – the hydropower PSU – will buy back shares in a tender offer, at Rs. 19.25 per share. Their IPO was in August 2009 at Rs. 36, a price I noted ...

The Great Fall of NHPC

I’ve recently had a chance to trade into a few stocks, and one of them was NHPC. Unforunately the stock has crashed beyond imagination, hitting my stop loss ...

NHPC IPO: P/E of 36

I’ve had some mail requesting for comments on the NHPC IPO. First note: the IPO is already 3x oversubscribed, with only one day of the IPO through. Only ...