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Naukri Shows 40% EPS Growth in Q3 FY11

Naukri (InfoEdge) showed some growth in the Q3 results. Revenue grew 28% over last year, to 75 crores, and profits grew over 40%, as did EPS. So where did they ...

Info Edge May Issue 500 cr. FCCBs

Info Edge, the owner of and is looking to issue upto Rs. 500 cr. worth of FCCBs for a new portal,, and for further ...

Info Edge Q4 – A mathematical error?

InfoEdge has announced it’s 4th Quarter 2007 results: Like earlier, they seem to have their mathematics wrong. This time they note an annual revenue for ...

Info Edge Q3 results: Wayward?

Info Edge (Naukri) is out with Q3 results. It has made 8.1 cr in profits on a revenue of 38 cr. in the quarter. They made revenues and profits of 84 cr. and ...