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Charts: Monthly Nifty Summaries and the Beating Up of the Next 50

The Nifty has been in the doldrums recently but the whole month of August wasn’t quite that bad, down about 0.9%.  For the year we are still up 1.5% but ...

Monthly Return Charts: Nifty Does Another 3% To Take 2018 to Double Digit Returns

Yet another month goes by with the Nifty doing something positive – a 3% month this time. Takes the Nifty’s return to 10.9%. This takes us to a 10% ...

Charts: A Crazy June Ends With A Flat Nifty But Horrible Everything Else

The Nifty was totally flat in June, just as it was in May: And for 2018, we are actually up 1.7%. But the broader market – the CNX 500 – was down ...

The Nifty has a Flat May While Most Other Stocks Drop

The Nifty’s reached a stop point in May after an awesome April. It was flat for the month. The whole month has been a bore for the Nifty, though the ...

Happy New Year 2018! Nifty Does a 28% Run, But Will 2018 Be As Good?

Welcome to 2018 and wish you all a Fantastic New Year! First, a quick look at returns in 2017. With a 3.4% December, we end 2017 with 28.6% returns on the ...

November at Capital Mind

Here’s what we at Capital Mind brought to you in November this year. Capital Mind Macro: • Three Hidden Facts in the GDP Growth Number of 5.3% for Sep ...