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Monthly Return Charts: Nifty Does Another 3% To Take 2018 to Double Digit Returns

Yet another month goes by with the Nifty doing something positive – a 3% month this time. Takes the Nifty’s return to 10.9%. This takes us to a 10% ...

Charts: A Crazy June Ends With A Flat Nifty But Horrible Everything Else

The Nifty was totally flat in June, just as it was in May: And for 2018, we are actually up 1.7%. But the broader market – the CNX 500 – was down ...

The Nifty has a Flat May While Most Other Stocks Drop

The Nifty’s reached a stop point in May after an awesome April. It was flat for the month. The whole month has been a bore for the Nifty, though the ...

Happy New Year 2018! Nifty Does a 28% Run, But Will 2018 Be As Good?

Welcome to 2018 and wish you all a Fantastic New Year! First, a quick look at returns in 2017. With a 3.4% December, we end 2017 with 28.6% returns on the ...

November at Capital Mind

Here’s what we at Capital Mind brought to you in November this year. Capital Mind Macro: • Three Hidden Facts in the GDP Growth Number of 5.3% for Sep ...