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Chart: Nifty does the best year since 2009 with a 5% in July

The Nifty had the best month of 2017 in July; it was up over 5%! The move to 10,000 has been swift. And takes the 2017 return to 23%. The Sensex also did about ...

Nifty is up 16% in 2017 despite Bad June, 10 Year SIP Returns at 8%

It’s half the year! And the Nifty has already returned more than 16% in 2017. June was however the first negative month in the year, with a -1% return on ...

Nifty Ends March with 12% Return in 2017, 10 Year SIP Returns Recover to 9%

The market loves 2017. There are three months, back-to-back, with more than 3% returns. And the total returns in the first four months is a massive 12%. Best ...

Monthly Moves: A Very Flat Nifty in Oct, and 10 Year Sensex SIP Returns Below 8%

October hasn’t quite lived up to its promise of volatility in the past, where it’s shown moves as much as -26% or +17%. This time we got just 0.2% ...

Nifty Moves Up For The Fifth Consecutive Month in July at +4.2%: Monthly Returns

The Nifty is now up 5 consecutive months, which is a situation that’s occurred seven times in the past – and each such time, the market has moved ...

Nifty's Best March Ever With a 10% Return, But Multi Year SIPs Now In Single Digits

This was a phenomenal March by any standards, with a 10%+ return for the month. That’s the second highest that the Nifty has ever seen in March, just ...

Jan and Feb Positive For Stocks: What Does March Look Like, Historically?

The Nifty went up 1.1% in Feb 2015, taking the 2015 return to 7.5%. With two consecutive months of gains, this looks like a good month. March has a negative ...