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Charts: Nifty and Next 50 Monthly Returns Show a Whopper Return in March

The Nifty’s ended the financial year well, with a 7% gain and a solid move on the index. We usually post this as a chart regularly and have missed out on ...

Charts: Nifty Gets a Good November, But Broad Markets Still Down For The Year

The month of November was kind on the Nifty but not quite as much on the broad market. The Nifty went back to positive territory for the year, with a near 5% ...

Charts: Nifty's 5% drop in October Takes 2018 Marginally Negative

A pretty rough October shook the Nifty down 5% into a negative year for 2018. This has been the worst October since 2009: Meanwhile we have the Next 50 doing ...

Charts: The Worst Month for the Nifty Junior in 10 years

Thanks to the turmoil in stocks, we’ve seen a massacre on the Nifty Next 50 (called the Nifty Junior) which fell 12% in the month. The index itself is ...

Charts: July Repeats April, Gets a 6% Return on the Nifty

With the Nifty staying firmly above 11,000 for the first time since January, the month of July returned 6%. This is the best month after April, and takes 2018 ...

Charts: Nifty in FY18 Does Just 10% As March Takes The Index Down Some More

It’s the very end of the financial year, FY 2018. This may have sounded like a great year, but it’s really not that great when you tally the ...

November Flattens Up for Markets, But Nifty's Still Up 25% in 2017

It’s been a flat November for the markets. The Nifty fell marginally, about 1.1% even if it recovered from a November 15 low. What’s interesting? ...

Charts: Nifty Clocks 26% in 2017 with a 5.6% October

What a month was October! Markets went up over 5% and the Nifty clocked its second best month of the year (the best for the Sensex). The return for 2017 is ...

Charts: A Marginally Negative September Takes Nifty Returns for 2017 to 19.6% (Headline Changed)

Note: Headline for the post has changed. SIP data calculations for the Nifty were incorrect. We apologize for the error. September returns for the Nifty were ...

Charts: Nifty in 2017 is still up 21% after lowest monthly return in August

It’s time for our quick monthly stat: Index performance. Indexes went negative in August, with the Nifty losing about 1.6% in the month. That’s ...