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[Media] On CNBC TV18: Smart Money on Momentum, Risks, Books and more

Where Deepak speaks about Momentum, Risks and Discipline in ...

The Capitalmind Wealth Momentum Performance, and How It Weathered the Covid Crisis

Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio has delivered 28% for the year ending July 2020 with lower volatility than the broader market. Here's how the rule-based exit ...

Charts: Positive Momentum, Negative Momentum and the Carnage within

What goes up has to come down, said Isaac Newton, in reference to Gravity. Stock prices move in cycles with the upside celebrated as coming of age for the ...

The Long Term Portfolio: Summary Of Q2 Results

We have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here's an update on all their ...

Portfolio: Adding Two More Stocks

Two more stocks make it to the Premium portfolio. First, Tube Investments gets its way in, with a 50% position. This Murugappa group company makes auto ...

Portfolio Changes: [stock] enters The Long Term Portfolio and add a little more of [stock]

Our long term portfolio is performing reasonably, even though there was this whole Brexit thing today. Sudarshan, Supreme Petro, KRBL and Aegis Logistics ...

The Long Term Portfolio: Summary Of Results and Investment Update

We have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an update on all their results. This is a long post (warning!) and we are happy to ...

Premium: How Suzlon's Debt Tweaks Are Changing The Fortunes Of The Renewable Energy Company

Suzlon had results yesterday and a few interesting things came out. Here’s a quick series of thoughts: Note: We have sourced all info from their FY16 ...

Portfolio Update: Momentum Shows Stop Changes as Market Slides, MA20 Gets Into Action And More

As the Nifty drops 230 points in four days, we wonder what’s really happened that caused us to become bearish. For one, it was Kuroda – or the lack ...

Premium: Learning From Stupidity – Exits Should Only Be With A Stop Loss

Today we did something really stupid. We exited from a stock that wasn’t moving – and then, it ended up at a 20% upper circuit! We had eight ...