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Macronomics: How Bad is the Inflation Really?

The recently inflation number for Jan 2019 came in super heavy at 7.59%, the highest since 2014, and a relatively high number now. But there's a strange ...

Macronomics: Are Interest Rates Really Falling? Why?

Deepak Shenoy explains why interest rates are falling in India and what it portends for the ...

Macronomics: High Capacity Utilization = A New Capex Cycle?

In Macronomics today, we will check something that came from the RBI recently - a Capacity Utilization Survey. This indicates how much of available capacity is ...

Macronomics: The RBI Swap Explained: Of Liquidity and a Much Cheaper Dollar Hedge

Here's a quick explanation of the RBI Swap that has recently been announced. First, the background. Things have been a little crazy on the credit growth front ...

Macronomics: Credit Data Shows A Potential Industrial Revival and Green Shoots on Growth

It’s been a while since we’ve looked at the macro. What bank credit data is showing is very interesting, and possibly a distance away from whatever we are ...

Macronomics: Green Shoots and Why We Think Interest Rates Are Likely To Fall in 2019

The macro is never important until it is. Right now, there's some fear in the market about : IL&FS . If you say IL&FS the stock market falls. NBFCs. ...

Macronomics: Understanding the Mad Market Move, Liquidity and Margin Pains

  Here's a bit of the stuff that's been impacting the market. We'll try and put it in perpsective. Markets have fallen mostly because they were expensive, ...

Macronomics : RBI Forces Base Rates To MCLR, and How This Will Hurt Banks

The recent RBI monetary policy said that banks will need to link their base-rates to MCLR. While this looks simple, it has a large impact on ...

Macronomics: The Bond Market Warning You Should Be Aware Of

In Macronomics today, we take a look at what's happening, quietly, on interest rates. So it turns out that things have rapidly changed in the last two months. ...

Macronomics: Agri Estimates Among Three Reasons Why Long Bonds Are In Trouble

In the stock market, no one's worried about anything. Apparently, it doesn't matter that crude oil made a multi-year high. Jet Airways made a 10% upmove. So ...